“Dr. Robert Shaw has spent his life in the people-helping business. He has a unique ability to key in on the many dynamics of the human condition and the Biblical answers that can help individuals become all that God truly intends them to be. In this work, he introduces and expounds upon human core longings: love, significance, security, understanding, purpose, and belonging. In a culture that has become narcissistic and driven by ‘what’s in it for me,’ Dr. Shaw reveals what it means to live a truly meaningful life based on identifying and honoring these God-given core longings. In your quest for the experience of the truth as revealed in Scripture and most importantly in Christ, this work will provide you with a clear pathway to genuine satisfaction from the inside out in a way that brings glory to the One who created you for eternal significance.”

—Mark J. Chironna, MA, Ph.D., Senior Pastor and Life Coach, Church on the Living Edge, Orlando, Florida

“Dr. Shaw writes with eloquent simplicity on a complex matter of God’s creative design. He has gathered nuggets of truth and packaged them for both scholarly and practical consumption, as a source of being reminded of our God-given significance. As a consummate clinician and a devout minister of the gospel, he possesses a rare capacity to write with a full measure of the spiritual savvy to discern and articulate timeless truths with grace and contemporary relevance. Everyone will be well served to drink deeply from this well of wisdom.”

—Adrian F. Starks, Senior Pastor, Word Victory International Christian Center, Greensboro, North Carolina

“Dr. Shaw’s book is timely for a generation in need of a Godly, balanced perspective on the reality and blessings that covering provide. The principles that Dr. Shaw communicates are born out of his own experiences and example as husband, father, teacher, counselor, and spiritual leader. This book identifies the causes of root problems, but even more importantly, it provides essential Biblical and practical solutions for age-old conflicts.”

—Rev. David A. Longobardo, Pastor Emeritus, World Victory International Christian Center, Greensboro, North Carolina

“Dr. Shaw is one of the most extraordinary individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. A man whose priorities are in order, whose love for God is evident in everything he does. Dr. Shaw has a true servant’s heart as demonstrated in his desire to minister to the souls of others and bring great glory to God. Being one of those individuals on the receiving end of his ministry, I can say first hand that the Lord has greatly gifted Dr. Shaw with wisdom, insight and discernment. His counsel, prayerful support and encouragement were instrumental in my freedom from depression. Without reservation, I wholly endorse this remarkable man of God who fully recognizes the value of each individual whom God places in his charge.”
—Nancy D.

On June 20, 2010 my world would turn upside down. All that I knew as my “normal life” would be no more. My youngest son would suddenly die at age 21. He was severely autistic so it had been my life’s role to be his mother and 24 hour a day caregiver. This was not a burden but a gift and honor that God had entrusted this beautiful, loving & happy child in my care. As I spiraled downward in those weeks and months to come, I sought out counseling and the Lord would lead me into the office of Dr. Bob Shaw. As Dr. Bob lead me, prayed with me and counseled me I would begin to see glimmers of hope and light again. It was a long process but I feel a successful process. My trust in God would be fully restored and a much stronger relationship in God would take its place. My relationship with my husband hung by a thread during this time of trial but we have beat the statistics and just celebrated 31 years of marriage. Our marriage is much stronger and more loving than before our son died. Dr. Bob often quoted to me “that when a bone breaks, it is never the same but can grow stronger as it heals. This too can happen with a broken heart.” So to all those dealing with trials in their life reach out for help and let God’s healing power begin.
—Ann L.

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